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Combining EAM/CMMS and OEE 

Aptean is a global provider of mission-critical, industry-specific software solutions. Aptean’s purpose-built software solutions help address the unique challenges facing process and discrete manufacturers, distributors, and other focused organizations. Over 4,500 organizations in more than 20 industries across 54 countries trust Aptean’s solutions at their core to assist with running their operations.

We have supplied the production monitoring solutions AXXOS OEE and the EAM/CMMS solution API PRO for 25 years. Based on extensive experience and developed in close cooperation with our customers, AXXOS OEE and API PRO have a strong focus on Efficiency, Reliability and Productivity to enable our customers to get the most out of their investment in equipment. 

API PRO Maintenance Management System is the flexible, modular maintenance system that grows with the needs of your organization and gives you full control over your assets. 

AXXOS OEE is the state-of-the-art production follow-up system that combines monitoring, analysis and visualization. AXXOS OEE puts focus on efficiency and creates a solid foundation for the improvement process. 

Integrated OEE and EAM/CMMS Solution 

Combining AXXOS OEE and API PRO will bring your production and maintenance closer together, enabling predictive maintenance based on true production status, efficient error report to work order process, efficient solutions for operator maintenance and much more. 

Industry 4.0 Solutions 

API PRO and AXXOS OEE i4.0 Solutions is our way of releasing your potential for development by means of IIoT capability, SaaS solutions, mobility, system integration and business intelligence tools. 

AXXOS OEE and API PRO integrates smoothly with other business- and production systems. By connecting real-time accurate production data to planning, execution and finance, and adding the power of mobility, easy access to data and powerful analytics tools, our solutions become a cornerstone in your advancement towards Industry 4.0


API PRO is a flexible, modular maintenance system that grows with the needs of your organization. API PRO was developed to support a digitalized cost-effective maintenance process that gives you full control over your assets. With API PRO, you can ensure availability, avoid costly downtime, increase performance and get better productivity.

Support for the need for important KPIs and analysis of maintenance-related data creates the conditions for optimizing the maintenance and purchasing processes as well as production performance

An easy-to-use graphical user interface, easily tailored to the needs of different users, makes API PRO a system appreciated by users at all levels of the organization. User-friendly mobile clients make the system easily available and enable a modern way of working. Strong support for integration with business systems increases the value of created plant information.

API PRO can be tailored to the specific needs of any organization, from a few users and up to several hundred individuals, in multiple plants, within or outside national borders.

AXXOS OEE Optimizing Production Efficiency

AXXOS OEE is our state-of-the-art production monitoring solution for single- and multi-plant manufacturers. Designed to provide you with a complete picture of your production effectiveness, our solution helps you identify the sources of loss along with areas of improvement. With a strong focus on production follow-up and optimization, AXXOS OEE enables you to locate bottlenecks in production; check asset availability and establish OEE-value (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) per department, machine, article, or order; and find common causes of downtime. AXXOS OEE is available on-premises or as SaaS.

AXXOS OEE connects with your equipment to help build the foundation for a successful improvement process. Robust automatic data collection combined with effective operator reporting creates the consistent and reliable data you need to make intelligent decisions regarding your manufacturing operations.

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