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Avular is an agile and innovative robotics company from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, that focuses on facilitating the development and implementation of mobile robotics.

Developing mobile robotics requires specific knowledge, such as embedded programming and expertise of navigation solutions and safety requirements. Until now, these skillsets have only been available to companies with plenty of resources. Avular has developed tools that give customers access to the required knowledge needed to develop their own mobile robotic solution.

These tools enable all kinds of companies to implement a robotic solution, that is customized to their needs.
With the Avular Prime (a robot’s brains), more than four different types of drones, a driving platform and several localization systems, it is a broad product portfolio, but all with one purpose in mind: to enable customers to create an autonomous robot.
Avular hopes to contribute to a future with more effective and efficient processes.
Together, we make mobile robot applications a reality.

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