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Bracke has been a well-known family business in the Antwerp area for over 50 years. Recognized specialist in the field of electric motors. Services include delivery, rewinding, repair and overhaul of electric motors, gearboxes, pumps and frequency controls. And also engineering, retrofit, optimization of maintenance and production processes and spare parts services. Our customers are active in a wide variety of sectors such as cement construction, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and (animal) food.

The workshops at three sites include a winding shop, machining department and a balancing bench with a capacity of 7 metres axle length. For the retrofit activities we have an engineering and cabinet building department at our disposal. We can also take care of on-site diagnostics and inspection.

At Maintenance Antwerp 2020 we focus on Retrofit and our new innovative Smart Motor Services: Smart Motor Sensor and Spare Parts Service.

Asset reliability with Smart Motor Sensor:

Asset reliability or the pursuit of zero unplanned downtime comes within reach thanks to Smart Motor Sensor. With the powerful intelligent self-learning and cloud-based platform, maintenance of electric drives and generators is now smarter, more efficient and more manageable.
The Smart Motor Sensor Service enables remote monitoring of system status and predictive maintenance analysis based on a combination of measured and known parameters and patterns. With the additional result: maintenance or replacement as soon as needed, not before.

This innovation will be marketed by Bracke Aandrijfspecialist in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2020. The sensor fits virtually any new and existing low-voltage motor and requires no extra wiring, just a WIFI connection, i.e. plug and play.

More efficient stock management and maintenance with Spare Parts Service:

The spare parts service from Bracke Aandrijfspecialist guarantees a smooth and fast delivery of parts and thus optimum availability of your machines or machinery. The answer to your need to control your maintenance costs.

Your new or reconditioned spare drives contain bearings that can fail after being stationary in your stock for too long. Specialized and timely maintenance is the most important prerequisite for reliable parts.

We take care of the overhaul and maintenance and offer stock management of all or certain crucial spare parts. We start with a thorough inventory of your current stock, what you need and to what extent we can standardize and optimize.

With our spare parts service you have the right parts at the right time, in the right place at a lower cost. If desired, accompanied by the appropriate technician to install the part at your location.

Retrofit, as good as new but cheaper:

Retrofit, adapting or renovating existing machines and tools to meet current requirements. It is a solution for customers with machines that are mechanically still in order, but have outdated controls. This manifests itself, for example, in many breakdowns, regular breakdowns or longer changeover times. There are also customers who strive to use fewer personnel, who want to achieve energy savings or have to meet stricter quality or production conditions.

Whatever your reason for a retrofit, we will be happy to discuss it with you. We will then make a tailor-made proposal to make your machines ready for the future. In retrofit, we consider durability, reliability and quality to be the most important priorities. In our proposals we include both hardware and software. Ultimately, we carry out the complete retrofit under our own management: from the very first meeting to design, programming and realisation.

With retrofit you realise attractive savings, because you do not have to invest in a new machine. Retrofit is often an interesting alternative when it is urgent. An additional advantage of retrofit is the limited ecological footprint due to the reuse of as many parts as possible.

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