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PSA Antwerp & MPET are the largest container handlers in the Port of Antwerp. We can handle the largest container ships in the world quickly and efficiently and this with the highest productivity in Europe. Given our continuous expansion, we are always looking for motivated talent.

We work 24/7 at our terminals. A dynamic event, a well-oiled machine, thanks to the teamwork of our employees. Every day, we ensure that thousands of containers are smoothly on their way to their destination. Thanks to expertise, but also with strong teamwork throughout the various departments. Although we all have our own expertise, we share the same passion.

At PSA Antwerp / MPET / ATS you will find yourself in a close group of colleagues who see each other every day on the work floor, but also organize numerous activities together. With an eye for work-life balance, well-being and creating a positive work environment.

You want to join the team and work for a leader in the maritime sector?



Project Emerald

PSA Belgium and the Port of Antwerp are joining forces to modernize the Europa Terminal and make it completely future-proof.

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Senior Project Manager High Voltage

Europa Terminal is PSA’s first container terminal in the Port of Antwerp to be transformed from a non-automated to a semi-automated terminal. Because the terminal will remain operational during the implementation of the Emerald project, the works will be carried out in three major construction phases.

For the high-voltage program (voltage level 150/36/15.5kV), consisting of major cabling work, the construction of switching stations, the integration of the necessary safeguards, and the commissioning of several wind turbines, we are looking for a full-time senior project manager with proven track record of high-voltage projects.

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Sustainability Engineer

You are a passionate Sustainability Engineer who will put his/her shoulders under the carbon reduction roadmaps and the realization of the technology demonstration program. Project management from technology evaluation to proof of concept to full scale implementation.
You will be working in close cooperation with our other sustainability team members, and technical domain experts.
The nature of your work will be very versatile. You will be coping with a multitude of technologies: hydrogen, electrification, batteries, combustion engines, HVAC and can oversee a multitude of disciplines: you will be dealing with technical, legal, and safety aspects and will manage the project financials for the project assigned to you. You will keep an eye on future regulations, and make suggestions to adapt the roadmap accordingly.
We expect you to be open for continuous learning.

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