Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE


Whether you’re a process or industrial manufacturer, maximizing the productivity of your equipment and responding proactively to issues is crucial. That’s why you need OEE software.

Overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE, is a measure used to assess how efficient your manufacturing operation is and support productivity improvements. The OEE percentage describes the amount of manufacturing time in which the machine, line or cell is truly effective.

OEE systems help you ensure that percentage is always as high as possible.

They do this by automatically monitoring and recording your OEE value, giving you the full picture of how effectively your production is running—providing a solid foundation for improvements.

Our advanced OEE systems deliver actionable intelligence and complete visibility into production and quality to help you optimize plan attainment.

With easy access to reliable and accurate data on your overall equipment effectiveness you can identify the sources of loss and areas for enhancement—kickstarting a cycle of continuous improvement.

Our technologies have the measurement, analysis and simulation capabilities you need to plan better and react sooner when problems arise. Start transforming your manufacturing performance with Aptean OEE today.