Solutions to the shortage of technicians in the ports of Ghent and Antwerp via Smart Motor Services


Technicians cannot be replaced but repetitive tasks and processes can be partly automated via smart sensors. These can now also easily be placed at the heart of almost all machines, the electric motor. As a result, no more time has to be spent on daily routine checks of electric motors. In this way, a solution is found for the acute shortage of technicians in the ports of Ghent and Antwerp. Bracke Aandrijfspecialist proudly presents two new smart services, Smart Motor Sensor Service and Spare Parts Service. This smart combination of new services relieves the maintenance department, optimises production processes and ensures the reliability of the assets. An important added bonus is that the more efficient use of people, materials, logistics and energy also brings an environmental benefit.
Asset reliability with Smart Motor Sensor Service. Aiming for zero unplanned downtime comes within reach thanks to Smart Motor Sensor. With the powerful intelligent self-learning and cloud-based platform, maintenance is now smarter, more efficient and more manageable. The Smart Motor Sensor Service makes it possible to remotely monitor the status of the system and perform a predictive maintenance analysis based on a combination of measured and known parameters and patterns. With the additional result that maintenance or replacement can be scheduled as soon as necessary, not before and not too late.
Efficient stock management with Spare Parts Service. Often installation owners have their own stock of crucial parts. However, practice shows that these parts are not always suitable for direct use. Specialised and timely maintenance is the most important condition for guaranteed reliability. Bracke takes care of the overhaul and maintenance and offers stock management of crucial spare parts. With Spare Parts Service customers have the right part at the right time, in the right place and with less costs. If desired, accompanied by the appropriate mechanic to install the part on site