Smart Motor Sensor Service


Optimizing operational availability with our Smart Motor Sensor Service

Asset reliability or the pursuit of zero unplanned downtime comes within reach thanks to Smart Motor Sensor. With the powerful intelligent self-learning and cloud-based platform, drive maintenance is now smarter, more efficient and more manageable. Predict when your engines will fail, anytime, anywhere.
The Smart Motor Sensor can run on virtually any electric motor from 0.37 to 400 kW in continuous operation and in virtually any environment.

– You will be able to follow or be notified in real time and from anywhere when a problem starts to develop and which corrective measure you can schedule and when.
– This sensor can be installed on any new or used motor in 5 minutes and can be configured with a simple smartphone. Plug and play.
– All information collected by the sensor is sent via a WIFI network to the cloud where powerful intelligent software analyses the information and monitors the condition of the motor. If there is no WIFI network available, we offer various safe alternatives.
– After each installation of a new sensor or a replacement of the drive, a machine learning process is automatically performed. No cabling is needed, the sensor is powered by lihium batteries with a lifetime of 1 year.

-Prevent unplanned downtime and enable pattern-dependent maintenance.
-Significant savings on production losses and maintenance costs.
-Assets lifetime can be prolonged.
-Discover potential energy savings. Identify inefficiencies in systems.
-You can carry out maintenance and follow-up yourself or call on Bracke Aandrijfspecialist.