Videoscope for Long Piping Systems and Heat Exchangers

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Inspect Farther, Faster
Long-distance remote visual inspection (RVI) is fast and efficient with the IPLEX GAir videoscope. Flexible and maneuverable, the videoscope’s 30-meter (98-foot) or 20-meter (65-foot) insertion tube can easily move through complex piping systems with multiple elbows. When you reach your inspection target, you can examine it with high-quality, wide-view images and bright LED illumination.

Long Range Pipe Inspection
The IPLEX GAir videoscope combines maneuverability and brightness at long distances, so you can reach distant targets quickly and identify defects.

Maneuver through complex pipes: the guide head reduces friction and easily passes over joints between pipes while the universal push rod adaptor enables a smooth passage through pipes and elbows
Precise articulation regardless of length: pneumatic articulation with an integrated air compressor delivers fine control, and the Tapered Flex™ insertion tube balances stiffness and flexibility for easy maneuvering
Know your location: the gravity sensor rotates live images regardless of the scope’s orientation, and the insertion length indicator enables you to track the insertion tube’s position


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